About me

Hey, this is Bahadir.

I am a product enthusiast and entrepreneur; born and raised in Istanbul, living in Berlin now. Currently I am focused on building and scaling up the worlds first DTC Operating System as the co-founder of Fabrikatör

I am a believer of karma. I came to the point I am right now with the help of many wise and generous people who shared their experiences and guided me. I believe it is my turn to help others to achieve their goals and follow ambitions. My main motive of keeping this blog is basically giving back…

I blog about education, career selections, products and my personal stories time to time. I believe writing is a discovery and I discover as write, I write as I discover…

Traveling is one of my main source of inspiration in life. I get to know people, countries, the world and worlds of others on the way. Sometimes I travel on my bike, sometimes behind the wheel of my car and sometimes at the back seat of a stranger’s car as a hitchhiker! No matter which seat I take in this journey, I am always fascinated by the surprises and learnings.

Since I moved to Germany in the beginning of 2018, I didn’t have much chance to travel as frequent but as soon as I hit the road, I promised my self to write more about traveling.

Stay happy, stay independent!

Do you want to know more about me?

You can reach me from here or check my LinkedIn

Check my startup Fabrikatör

Are you looking for a good camping spot?

I used to camp a lot when I was in Turkey. I haven’t done much in Europe but feel free to take a look at my camping map. It includes some of my favourite camping spots in Turkey and Greece.  Check it out

What do you fancy love to listen?

I am definitely not an audiophile or a curator but I have some lists which are liked by some people around me (if they are not lying to be nice :) ) You can check it out tell me what do you think, maybe? I will also be more than happy to hear your taste! Here is my list…