My list of work-friendly cafes in Berlin

Photo by cottonbro from PexelsEspecially during the “work from home era”, I started to feel like I need a change of scenery to kick my creativity and productivity up. Here’s my list of work-friendly places in Berlin:  Check it out and your fav places

Are you looking for a good camping spot?

I used to camp a lot when I was in Turkey. I haven’t done much in Europe but feel free to take a look at my camping map. It includes some of my favourite camping spots in Turkey and Greece.  Check it out

What do you fancy love to listen?

I am definitely not an audiophile or a curator but I have some lists which are liked by some people around me (if they are not lying to be nice :) ) You can check it out tell me what do you think, maybe? I will also be more than happy to hear your taste! Here is my list…