Work-friendly places in Berlin

Especially during the “work from home era”, I started to feel like I need a change of scenery to kick my creativity and productivity up. I have been building this list since 2019 and naturally, it was left unmaintained during the COVID-19 restrictions.

With the help of my dear friends and the valuable community at 2hearts, I updated the list and decided to share it publicly.

Click here to access the map

That’s a collaborative list, feel free to add your favorites and don’t forget to add notes if there’s something worth to mention like “wifi only works for 2 hours” etc.

Although there are other lists and websites listing places, I like to be able to access this list practically from the Google Maps app on my phone instead of browsing other sites and bouncing back and forth between the browser and maps. If you like my map, you can save it to your Maps app by following the list.


There’s also another website where you can find work-friendly places in Berlin:

Their list seems more comprehensive but less editorial. For example; I wouldn’t put Ben & Jerry’s as a good place to work but who knows maybe some folks find the comfort in being next to an ice-cream fridge 🤷‍♂️